Support for Small Businesses – E. 185th Exhibit Pop-Up Shop

By Monica Grays, 2nd Semester Consignment Shop, Owned and Operated by Teachers

I am the owner of Positive Vibes by Ty. We offer products for your home and office, apparel, and gift items.

Our goal is to provide positive and inspirational items to help uplift, inspire, and promote positivity.

The business was started during the pandemic, a time when many families were facing significant challenges. I recognized the need for a creative way to help keep people inspired and create products that all include a positive message. My goal with the business is to help others maintain a positive mindset, stay motivated, and spread joy.

In search of a way to reach the community and market my products, I was referred to Monica at the East 185th Pop-Up Shop. The East 185th Pop-Up Shop has provided me with a consistent location, and other resources such as workshop events that provide valuable information to help start and grow your business. Examples include financial literacy and planning, business marketing, crafting your elevator speech, and many other beneficial topics.

I am extremely grateful to Monica and her staff as they have helped me tremendously to connect with customers, network with other business owners, and sell products. I commend the efforts of this team for having the vision to help small businesses grow, thrive, and to provide great products and services to the community.

Thank you Monica at the East 185th Pop-Up!

Ty Evans,
Positive Vibes by Ty~


My name is Sharonda Mason and I’m the owner of Unlock Our Minds LLC.

My business is geared towards bringing awareness to mental health and trauma through education and positive affirmations. I provide resources to the community to help navigate them to therapy services.

The exposure I received from participating in the East 185th Exhibit has been amazing. Being featured on Fox 8 “Kicking it with Kenny” and having people know me from being there has been phenomenal.

The resources and networking have all helped me build my business this year. From the exposure, a lady came looking for me for two weeks, and I met her there to make a purchase. She associated me with the East 185th Exhibit which was my home over these months. I cannot wait until springtime!

Sharonda Mason,
Unlock Our Minds LLC.~


Being part of the East 185th Exhibit has been phenomenal for my small business. Having the opportunity to get to know other small business owners and meet new people has really opened up many doors for me to be able to share my love of dry nail polish.  It’s been exciting to provide ladies with a super easy and very affordable option for manicures and pedicures.

If you have a small business or you want to get involved in supporting local small businesses, I highly recommend getting involved with this wonderful Pop-up Shop!

Christine Swartzlander,
Polished & Classy Nails with Christine~


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