Does Trumpism’s Empire of Lies Still Control America?

By Ron Calhoun

Amazing! After the emails and text messages it should be the end of Donald Trump’s political career.

With the recent exposure of the former President’s deception and lies by the House Select Committee to the American people, the media chooses to focus on inflation and their opinion of how ineffective President Joe Biden has been thus far. Not to mention over 40% of the American people are using Trumpism as the reason to change the political landscape.  Don’t fool yourself there are many evil people hiding behind conservative values, faith, and pride that are in  or will be in positions of power by the next presidential election.

This is just another example of why the American people have no faith in a governing system that fights for those with power and money, and not for what is best for the people it is designed to serve.

The reality is that the government is a snapshot of America; a divided America that can now see that we are being played like an instrument to the desires of the master musician manipulators.

We now know that there was no authenticity in the rallying cry, “Make America Great Again.”  It was merely an empty slogan designed to gain money and power for a select few.

We’ve learned that many involved in the “Make America Great Again” movement had concerns, and were recommending putting a stop to the hypocrisy from behind the scenes. In addition, we’ve learned that the Insurrection on January 6, 2021, was not just fueled by, but designed and orchestrated by the former president.

Was this selfish act a crime of betrayal of one’s country?

The Constitution specifically defines treason against the United States, and more importantly, limits the offense of treason to two specific types of conduct:  (1)“levying war” against the United States; or (2)“adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort.”

We are not “one nation under God.” God would not approve of the so-called rights and entitlements corrupting today’s political system. A political system where the agendas of special interest groups, those with money and power, outweigh what is best for all. (But, that is another article.)

We are not “indivisible.” We are very much divided, with selfish agendas hiding under the guise of freedom. It is not freedom when preferences are exploited at the expense of the general public.

Our Declaration of Independence, at its very core, provides all Americans with unalienable rights intended to fight those who would otherwise oppress others. But, when your rights do in fact oppress others, it becomes an entitlement and not justice for all.

Today’s American culture is awash in selfishness. The new religion is “Selfish-ism.” This is when you possess a huge investment in yourself and do not think or care about the needs of others.

How’s that working for us?

Solution? Go back to the basics:

  • Look for your opportunity to do what is right for the community
  • Look for your opportunity to serve one another
  • Look for your opportunity to share your talent.
  • Look for transparency and truth from your leadership