The List of Candidates for Ohio’s 11th Congressional District, Cleveland City Council and Mayor’s Races

Ohio’s 11th Congressional District

The Special Congressional Primary Election will be held on August 3. The Republican and Democratic winners will then face off in the General Election on November 2.

  • John Barnes
  • Shontel Brown
  • Seth Corey
  • Laverne Jones Gore (R)
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Will Knight
  • Felicia Ross (R)
  • Tariq Shabazz
  • Shirley Smith
  • Nina Turner

The Mayoral candidates are:

  • Justin Bibb, an executive at an urban technology nonprofit
  • Ross DiBello, an attorney
  • Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones
  • Council President Kevin Kelley
  • Dennis Kucinich, the former congressman and former Cleveland mayor
  • Former Ward 2 Councilman Zack Reed, who unsuccessfully challenged Jackson in 2017
  • Landry M. Simmons, a career law enforcement officer
  • State Senator Sandra Williams

All are Democrats except for Simmons, a Cuyahoga County GOP central committee member. The eight will face each other in a nonpartisan Special Congressional Primary Election on September 14. The top two vote-getters will move on to the November general election. Cleveland’s charter requires mayoral candidates to collect 3,000 signatures from registered city voters.

Here are the Cleveland City Council candidates who filed by the June 16 deadline. An incumbent is noted by (I). An asterisk denotes that the candidate’s petitions have been validated.

Ward 1

Joe Jones (I)*, Aylwin S. Bridges, Kimberly F. Brown*, Marc Crosby*

Ward 2

Kevin Bishop (I)*, Bill Berry, Azel Bolden*, Monique Moore*

Ward 3
Kerry McCormack (I)*, Ayat Amin*, Mike Rogalski
Ward 4
Ken Johnson (I)*, Xavier Allen, LaShorn K. Caldwell, Vanessa Crumb*, Cecil Ekechukwu*, Ashley R. Evans*, Deborah Gray*, Rowland Mitchell*, Mike Shomo*, Arnold Shurn*, Mario Snowden, Dontez Taylor, Antoine J. Tolbert, Erick B. Walker*, Torrean Williams, Craig E. Willis*
Ward 5
Delores Gray (I)*, Dyrone Smith*, Richard A. Starr*, Igor Ternovsky
Ward 6
Blain Griffin (I)*, Lavita Murray
Ward 7
Antoinette M. Carter, T.J. Dow*, Russ Gates, Daniel Graves*, Nathaniel Cory Hatfield, Stephanie Howse*, Jeff Mixon*, Charlotte Perkins*, Shana V. Roberts, Mike Seals, Isiah X. Thomas*, Ivan Williams*
Ward 8
Mike Polensek (I)*, Donald E. Boyd, Aisia A. Jones*
Ward 9
Kevin Conwell (I)*, Bishop Chui, Guy Coleman, Jr., Johnathon Collins
Ward 10
Anthony T. Hairston (I)*
Ward 11
Brian Mooney (I)*, Michael Hardy, Donna Woods*

Ward 12

Anthony Brancatelli (I)*, Denise Duncan Downing, Rebecca Maurer*, Tawayne McGee, Shalira Taylor

Ward 13

Kris Harsh*, Kate Warren*

Ward 14

Jasmin Santana (I)*, Nelson Cintron, Jr.*

Ward 15

Jenny Spencer (I)*, Chris Murray

Ward 16

Brian Kazy(I)*

Ward 17

Charles Slife (I)*, Mary Kathleen O’Malley*, Kenneth S. Trump*

To get on the ballot, candidates had to collect at least 200 valid signatures from registered Cleveland voters in their wards. The top two vote-getters for each office will move on to the November general election.

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