TCO Kids Korner – August 2022

By Trish Johnson

A big thank you to the readers and staff members of The Cleveland Observer for showing your continued support by submitting original artwork created by your family members!

We are very excited about the response to our column, and we also have some great news to share: one of the drawings by young artist William H., Jr. has been sold to one of our wonderful readers.  Thank you, and congratulations William!

Research has shown that exposure to the arts can help young people develop many positive skills such as persistence, collaboration, creative thinking, motivation, and problem-solving.

The Cleveland Observer’s bi-monthly Kid’s Korner will feature drawings, paintings, and poetry created by our young citizens to support and recognize the talent and creativity in our community.

If you would like to submit original creative art or written content by the young people in your life, please submit it here:  My Kid’s Art

Please include the first name, last initial, and age of the artist at the time the piece was created.

Thank you and enjoy!


Sad Bear – Nay-Nay, Age 8

(Nay shared that this was a happy bear when she first painted it, but her brother upset her about something, so she went back and added the tears  🙂



My Hand – Emerald – Age 7


“To Granny from” Lisa and Alicia – Ages 7 & 8


Nay-Nay – Age 3


Ume S. – Age 7


Thelton – Age 7


Many have asked what the age limit is, and we have decided that there isn’t one. Your “kids” will always be your kids!

For further information please contact: