By Sharla Harris

Frederick Douglass Resource and Recreation Center

On Tuesdays and Thursdays around noon, at Frederick Douglass Recreation Center, located at 15400 Miles Ave., a group of seniors get together to “Make their Moves.”

Pam Miller, line dance instructor

Women and men of all ages, sizes, and styles move to “Pressure” by Ari Lennox, “Let’s Get Back On Track” by Johnnie Taylor, and “After Last Night” by Silk Sonic—song after song, on and on. These line dances are done in Cleveland, Chicago, and Detroit to name a few, and these ladies and gentlemen at Frederick Douglass Recreation Center are truly representing “The CLE.”

The spirit of the gathering and dancing takes you back to the good ol’ high school days, a time when life was innocent.

Aging gracefully, and sometimes not after hip, knee, or back surgery, it’s imperative to “Keep Movin’.” Dancing affords the leisure and luxuries of good health. Far too many times some hesitate because it takes them a little longer, it is a little harder or the decision is made that they can’t do something physically anymore.

Gladys McGlothin, Rec Ctr line dance instructor

No matter your age you can and must continue to live life to the fullest because each and every day is a gift and a blessing. Senior citizens seem to be the forgotten age group within the family; some are at home watching TV, watching the grandkids, cooking, or cleaning.  Do you like to dance? Join us!

Spinning and twirling and popping fans. Suddenly you hear these words from Keith, “Fire it up Pam.” Everyone in the room at the Fredrick Douglas Recreation Center knows here comes the music….and it’s on! The line-dancing seniors are twirling all over the room.

If you don’t want to dance, come and watch the instructors Pam Miller and Gladys McGlothin in action. In every class you are greeted with warmth, and encouraged and assisted by members of the group. Soon you will be dancing too!

To the seniors who love to dance, but have given it up, or the seniors that don’t know the line dance routines and want to learn, come join us. It’s free! Soon you will remember the steps and shake what your momma gave you! Remember, you are working your mind, body, and soul—let’s get dancing! Click here to see the video.

Click here to see the video.

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