Questions I Would Ask Candidates in the Cleveland Mayoral Race




By Ron Calhoun

Voters in the city of Cleveland should care about this election, should get involved, research the candidates, and get to know their platforms. If what they’re saying inspires you, talking about transparency, civic engagement, wanting the community to get involved, then look at the issues that are facing Cleveland and find a way that you can get involved.

Questions I would ask candidates in the Cleveland Mayoral race:
1. Provide detailed context your plan for taking Cleveland to the next level in the following categories: Safety, Education, Economic Opportunities, and Development.
2. Do you have a team to take Cleveland to the next level? What does the team look like? If not, what are the positions and how would you describe them?

Here are some key areas of concern:

1. Safety:
a. Do you think there is a need to revise the Police Union contract? What changes would you make to the Police Union contract? How would you fix holding police accountable for their actions?
b. What strategy would you implement to make sure police do their job?
c. Do you think we have an organized crime problem in Cleveland? Could you give details on how you would address organized crime?

2. Education:
a. Do you think the Cleveland education system needs to be revised or overhauled? How?
b. Do you think the teacher’s union contract needs to be revised? How?
c. Do you believe the current state education budget allocations are best for the city of Cleveland?

3. Economic Development:
a. Is there a Small Business development?
b. What is your plan for city inspectors pertaining to retail and residential property violations?
c. What is your view on minimum wages?

4. Development:
a. What is your view on tax abatement?
b. Do you believe the process in place for development is working towards what the entire community wants or what is best for the community?
c. How would you better improve community input within the process?

5. City Services:
a. Do you think there needs to be a change in the culture and attitudes of city workers?
b. What is your position on residency to work for the city of Cleveland?
c. How can you streamline the public records process?

6. Budget:
a. Do you think there is a need for better accountability and transparency?
b. What is your view on an elected ward group (council, board, or committee) that would advise a councilman on where money should be allocated in the wards?
c. Are you opposed to or against casino, discretionary and block grant funds transparency and accountability?


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