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People’s Street Cleveland on the Move Again


By Ray Hom

People’s Street Cleveland volunteers are on the move again, literally! As part of the People’s Street initiative, volunteers painted bicycle lanes in both directions on the Payne St overpass above I-90 which connects downtown and AsiaTown.
In addition to painting the bicycle lanes, volunteers erected “wave delineators” to create a safer street for bicyclists. Volunteers had the assistance of Stella, a robotic painting truck by Roadprintz, to paint the green surfaces along with street symbols.

This initiative follows the recent crosswalk and curb extension installations along Payne Avenue between E. 22nd Street and E. 37th Street. The crosswalk design offers better protection for pedestrians and cyclists by calming traffic and elevating their visibility while also creating a cultural element for AsiaTown.
Both of these initiatives will be used to help inform about an upcoming resurfacing project along the corridor.
Experience the People’s Streets at our celebration coming this summer! Updates will be posted at www.asiatowncleveland.org/peoples-streets.
The People’s Street Cleveland initiative would not have been possible without the support of NOACA Street Supplies, SPIN Streets, MidTown Cleveland, CSU Campus District, Roadprintz, and the City of Cleveland. Special thanks to these organizations.
If your community is interested in learning more about how this was made possible, People’s Street volunteers will be co-hosting a Learning Lab on Wednesday, July 20th, from 3:30 – 5:30pm to share the lessons learned and toolkit. Meet at 2999 Payne Ave to attend a walking tour and a fireside chat to follow.
People’s Streets Cleveland is a grassroots initiative run by volunteers from varying backgrounds who came together to create streets that better serve people. We envision creating connections between diverse neighborhoods, safer streets for all ages and modes of travel, and welcoming places where people embrace their full humanity. Starting with the Payne Avenue corridor, we will reimagine a more vibrant streetscape.