Today is National Voter Registration Day 2021!

Early In-Person Voting October 5: 8am – 5pm 2925 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio

The Constitution established the United States as a democratic republic. It is democratic because the people govern themselves, and it is a republic because the government’s power is derived from its people. This means that our government – federal, state, and local – is elected by the citizens. Citizens vote for their government officials, and these officials represent the concerns and ideas of the citizens in government. Voting is one important way that we can participate in our democracy.

Besides voting for officials, we also vote on issues. Voters may want to make changes to their community, such as building bigger schools or adding new roads. We can contact our government officials when we want to support or change a law. Voting in an election and contacting our elected officials are two ways Americans can participate in our democracy. A healthy representative democracy depends on citizens to participate by exercising their right to vote.

There are many more ways to get involved. You can participate in political debates and town halls, interface with your school district’s PTA, and donate to politicians and campaigns you support. How you decide to participate (aside from your duty to vote) doesn’t matter as much as finding a way to participate that matters to you. The “fuel” of democracy is participation and keeping the American democracy running, so we need to do more than just voting. We need deliberation and engagement. Find a way that speaks to you, and try to get others involved. Our democracy depends on it.

November 2: General Election

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

The Renew Democracy Initiative, Inc is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization

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