Ohio Redistricting Commission: LaRose and DeWine Push Through Previously Failed Maps

The Ohio Redistricting Commission voted to approve legislated maps for a 5th time. The approved maps (Map 3) have previously been rejected by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Thursday’s meeting was incredibly heated with a women being removed, and the vote was passed 4 to 3, with one vote Keith Faber (R) Auditor, against party lines, but for different reasons than the two Democrats.


Previous Districts on the left, New Districts on the right (Map 3.) Less Cuyahoga representation.


The map on the right, Map 3, is the map that the State Supreme Court said unfairly favored Republicans.

The Ohio Supreme Court gave the Commission until Friday, May 5th in order to have a August 2nd Primary Election.

Secretary of State Frank Larose read a lengthy statement ahead of Thursday’s vote using the timeline as leverage to pass the once failed Maps submission. 

Governor Frank DeWine said, “it is clear to me that it is impossible to proceed with an August 2nd Primary with any map other than Map 3.”

The State Supreme Court federal judges decided last month that if a plan is not in place by May 28th, then the third set of maps will be used (the ones that were decided on Thursday night) but the districts would only be in place for the 2022 election.

The Commission is mandated to come up with a map that is fair to all people in the State of Ohio.