New Bike Racks Installed in AsiaTown

By Karis Tzeng

Ride your bicycle to and around AsiaTown and you’ll be pleased to find 20 brand new bike racks at your favorite destinations!

After refreshing AsiaTown’s brand in 2020, the AsiaTown team at MidTown Cleveland, Inc. has been working to install new bike infrastructure around the neighborhood on Payne, Superior, St. Clair, and Rockwell Avenues.

With many thanks to the Bike Cleveland and the City of Cleveland’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Calley Mersmann, the team at MidTown Cleveland, Inc. identified prominent locations where cyclists would notice the bike racks and find convenient, safe, and secure bike parking when shopping, dining, and enjoying the neighborhood.

So grab your lock and get biking!

This project was made possible by grant support from the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation and A.M. Higley who installed all of the bike racks. MidTown Cleveland, Inc. is also grateful for support from small businesses in AsiaTown, including Good Harvest Food Market, Emperor’s Palace, Tyler Village, Asia Plaza, and the Payne Avenue Lofts, and to Ward 7 Councilman Basheer Jones for supporting the project.