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Jermil and Daqueeta Martin are the owners of Black Crab Fam, a virtual Seafood restaurant that specializes in seafood bags. They are located at 2800 Euclid Avenue near downtown Cleveland. Their customers consist of foodies, families of all types of demographics, and people who love trendy and delicious food. Their following on social media has had a huge impact on their success. People enjoy their food for the unique New Orleans flavors and for the positive atmosphere that they create surrounding their business. “We pride ourselves on operating with a Love Heart Posture”. This gives people the space to feel the authenticity in every aspect of their business. “Our customers feel the genuine love we are instilling in them through our food and every interaction”. They refer to their customers as family. This gives them a sense of endearment that is more important than just buying great food. From the moment you place an order with them you become part of the Black Crab Family Community. “You can’t put a price on love. When you operate with love it is obvious and it brings people back in abundance.”

One of the duo’s biggest accolades are that they moved their virtual restaurant to the Nation’s test market (Columbus, Ohio) during the pandemic and did so well that they earned a 4.5-star rating on most of the popular delivery apps as well as Google. They now influence over 20,000 people on Instagram who love to view their food and are interested in what the Black Crab Community has to offer..

They are currently  working with a new investment platform, HoneyComb Credit to raise $60,000 paid at a 9.00% interest rate with a 6 month interest-only period at a 54 month fully amortizing period. This will give them a chance to open up a full service restaurant and also give the community a chance to invest and be apart of something very special. They are also going to allow the top 5 investors to feature their names on the menu as permanent menu items. 


To invest and show your support click the link

You can also place an order with them online at and follow them on Instagram for updates @blackcrabfam 

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