Making the Most of Women’s History Month

By Sheila Ferguson

Before Women’s History Month, there was Women’s History Week in March. In 1982, Women’s History Week became the first national celebration of women. A few years later, it expanded into a whole month of honoring women’s roles and contributions to society. In 1995, Congress passed public law 100-9 to designate March as “Women’s History Month.”  Soon after, a petition from the National Women’s History Project led to the presidential proclamation for March of each year to be celebrated as Women’s History Month.

On Aug. 23, 2022, the National Women’s History Alliance invited Author Gloria Felder to herald in the 2023 theme of “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories.” ( It gives the nation a chance to spotlight the contributions of women, both historical and contemporary, who are authors and keepers of the oral tradition.

Why celebrate Women’s History Month at work? You may not get to attend a national women’s march or national celebration, but you can make your own women’s history celebration closer to home. Honoring women during this month helps acknowledge women’s social, historical, and workplace contributions. Celebrating Women’s History Month can create a more inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and encourages collaboration. Understanding and accepting women’s contributions in all fields helps to break down gender barriers and empower future generations of women.

What are the benefits of celebrating Women’s History Month at work? It raises awareness about the achievements of women, promotes gender equality, and highlights the importance of diversity in the workplace. It can also help create a more positive working environment for women and increase motivation and productivity. These activities can also strengthen relationships between coworkers and improve team communications. Consider making one or two women-focused special events each March. These activities may turn out to be so much fun that you want to engage in them all year round. An array of entities including SnackNation, the Women’s History Association, and HR professionals recommend the following.

Tips for Celebrating Women’s History Month At Work

  1. Lead a professional development training on March 1st to kick off the festivities.
  2. Have a female guest speaker visit either in person or on Zoom.
  3. Go to a gallery showing to support women’s art and artists.
  4. Create a book club dedicated to female authors.
  5. Stock your kitchen with women-founded snack brands.
  6. Play women’s history trivia games & quizzes with your team.
  7. Plan a team Shark Tank event.
  8. Make a Spotify playlist of up-and-coming female artists.
  9. Shop and eat at local women-owned businesses.
  10. Profile a women’s history-themed podcast.
  11. Plan an office event to give back to your community.
  12. Contribute to a woman’s charity philanthropy.

Don’t let March pass by without celebrating Women’s History Month!

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