Make Your 52 Weekends A Year Count!

By Sheila Ferguson

What if you made just one  third of your weekends a mini vacation? 

Do you work week after week to the point that you are tired or overwhelmed by the weekend? Most of us reserve the weekend to complete household chores and sleep in. Others are obligated to family, various groups, or our church every weekend. Still, others use the time to veg out, and channel surf.

These escapist activities are not creating stimulating experiences on the weekends.

Come Sunday afternoon, you are drained or fretful that Monday morning is on its way.

It is time to try something new!

Experts say that people who treat their weekends like mini-vacations have higher life satisfaction, and more productivity on the job.

We have fifty-two weekends each year.  Start putting a fresh face on yours.

How to Get Started 

Getting started takes energy, intent, and maybe a few extra coins.

The following steps can help:

      Make plans. Do not let the weekend come upon you without a plan. Set up a budget that will allow you to have the funds for novel experiences that might cost money. Balance free versus expensive activities. Decide during the week exactly what you are aiming to do on the weekend.  Take planning notes.


Step Out of the Doldrums


Consider adding in 1) a weekend visit to a friend living in another city, 2) having a pajama party, 3) hosting a Sunday afternoon/night brunch or dinner party, 4) joining a meetup group dedicated to walking out in the Metroparks, 5) going to wine or food tastings, 6) taking several friends to a sip and paint, 7) going to an indoor or outdoor concert, 8) having a picnic, 9) playing some board games.


Try doing your laundry on a weekday night. Also, do not reserve the weekends as the only time to get household repairs done if you can help it.


Avoid complaining or expressing dissatisfaction about work on the weekends. Spend more time talking about your goals, aspirations, and what excites you about life!