Launch Collinwood Continues at Five Pointe and Beachcrest

By Greater Collinwood Development Corporation Staff

Launch Collinwood, a project in its second year aiming to bridge the digital divide for Collinwood seniors 60 and above, graduated 16 seniors from 8 weeks of computer training with Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center (ASC3). The seniors received 8 weeks of computer training and computer desktop bundles for home use through a partnership with PCs For People.

The Launch Collinwood project has worked with 8 classes of seniors at 4 sites thus far: CMHA Euclid Beach Gardens, CMHA Beachcrest, Cornerstone Senior Residences, and Five Pointe Community Center. Participants meet twice a week, two hours a day, for 8 weeks – for a total of 32 training hours per student. Sixty-four Collinwood seniors have completed the ASC3 computer training course through this project.

Launch Collinwood aims to build on computer skills the seniors have at the start of class and take each student through a progression of lessons and small-group, hands-on instruction. Seniors participate in mock telehealth appointments. This year, MetroHealth and Cleveland Clinic provided guest instruction to the CMHA Beachcrest and Five Pointe Community Center classes. Guest instruction provided by the hospital systems is expected to become part of the curriculum for future classes for the Launch Collinwood project.

Computer training for Collinwood seniors ages 60 and up is available through the Launch Collinwood project. For more information and to sign up for class, please contact Krystal Sierra, 216-268-2138.