Internship at Boujie Bakery Offers Teens Skills Needed to Succeed in the Workplace

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With Youth Opportunities Unlimited, there are many fast tracks toward success when it comes to having a resume full of impressive undertakings. This spring the Y.O.U. Internship Program is ready to give Cuyahoga County sophomores and juniors a lesson or two in hands on career exploration.

 Last week we announced an additional 100 applicants will be accepted to this selective internship experience where participants gain professional skills while earning a stipend in the career field of their interest.

One of the PEEKE program mentors who hosted interns, Autumn Oliver, the owner of The Boujie Bakery in Cleveland Heights, hired her intern Shae as an employee after seeing how determined she was to support Autumn’s business. Shae biked to her interview more than 30 minutes each way because she didn’t have an easier mode of transportation to make it to the bakery. Autumn recalls being instantly impressed with her after that.

“I hired Shae in to work here, and she’s amazing. She learned everything, memorized the recipes – she’s just really, really good. She’s like a little me.”

The bakery offers funnel cakes, milkshakes, cheesecakes, creme brulee, and magic and lemon bars. They even celebrate Taco Tuesday with specialty dessert tacos. Autumn’s three interns got to help prep all of the pastries.

“They were bakers, so they came here as baking interns. They helped prep cookies, brownies, and cheesecake frosting, because we make our own frosting. So, they would help with everything in the kitchen.”

“PEEKE paid the interns; that really helped my business a lot because I got 150 (hours of support) where I didn’t have to pay another person.” The interns learned many skills that made them more impressive employees for future positions, including staying concentrated on the work at hand.

Autumn advises young people looking to start their career journey “to stay focused. A lot of kids want to hang out with their friends or be on their cell phones all day. It’s really easy to get distracted. I’ve had tons of employees come in and out, and they’re just not focused. They have their minds in 1,000 different places. Stay focused and work for something. If you have a goal, work for it.”

High school sophomores and juniors looking to apply can do so here:

The Internship page on the Y.O.U. website also offers comprehensive eligibility requirements and program information:

Applications are due on April 14, 2021. Questions can be answered by the internship specialist, Valerie, at