Hough Community Legacy Project

By Clark Nelson

The Hough Community Legacy Project held a meeting on June 30 at Faith Community Supportive Services, Inc. Charles Briton spearheaded the project. Participants talked about their small businesses and other assets. Individual meetings with Briton were setup with each participant to discuss the project in more detail on how they can better serve the community.

The project first contacted small businesses inside the Hough Multipurpose Center located at 8555 Hough Avenue, then reached out to residential small business owners in Cleveland’s Ward 7.  Others who have heard about the project are eager to participate.  Some community residents participating include:  Stephanie Howse – Bonhum Beacon Living, Dale Martin – Creative Builders Academy, Cynthia Mumford – The BC Block Club Solar Project, Mark Pool – Honors Academy, Wayne Dailey and Rhonda Crowder & Associates LLC – Hough Reads, and Ron Calhoun – The Cleveland Observer.

Robert J. Zimmer of the Baseball Heritage Museum expressed his thankfulness to be included in the project. Howse can bring her statewide experiences and broad knowledge to the Hough Community Legacy Project.  The goal of the project is to uplift the Ward 7 community residents to a better way of living and to create a business model that can be duplicated in other communities.