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Engage! Cleveland to Host Cleveland Mayoral Town Hall


Press release provided by Ray Hom


Phot and Article by Ray Hom

Engage! Cleveland hosted a Mayoral Town Hall on Friday, September 24, 2021. The final t w o C l e v e l a n d m a y o r a l candidates, Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelley, debated key issues in a town hall format.

Some of the topics addressed included their opinion on the top key issues facing Clevelanders today: employment rates across all business sectors, how to engage the younger generation to get engaged in the political process, public transportation, neighborhood investments, the current health crisis and public safety.

The candidates agreed that public safety was one of the top issues. However, both had different approaches on how to solve the issue. One of the major differences between the two candidates is related to the Cleveland Police reform ballot Issue 24 which will be voted on in November. Candidate Justin Bibb is in favor while Candidate Kevin Kelley is opposed. Both have differing views about the details of the ballot and have suggested that voters read the initiative to determine their vote.

To gain more insights into each candidate’s position on the issues raised in the Town Hall, you can view the Mayoral Town Hall at Engage! Cleveland website: www.engagecleveland.org