Random? Armed Carjackings in Little Italy Neighborhood

Photograph Danni Lynn

By Danni Lynn McDonald

On December 27, 2021, at 10:28 pm, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) grad student was shot in the leg during an armed car robbery in Little Italy.

This is the fourth carjacking incident since December 19th in the Little Italy neighborhood.

As an institution with a federal student financial aid program, CWRU is required by law to publish annual and daily crime reports, as stated by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (20 USC § 1092(f)), also known as the Clery Act. These reports can be found on the CWRU public safety website.

The incidents in neighboring Little Italy are reported because they fall under the geographical locations “within the patrol jurisdiction of the campus police,” as stated in the Clery Act policy. An area home to many CWRU students, these incidents have a direct impact on the student’s safety, as well as the community at large.

The following information has been taken directly from the CWRU Public Safety Daily Crime Logs, CWRU Security Alerts, as seen on the public safety website from 12/19/2021 through 12/27/2021, and all information has been provided by the Cleveland Police Department.

Incident #1

Date: 12/19/2021

Time of Incident: 6:25 PM

Crime: Armed Robbery

Location: 12314 Mayfield Road – Apartment parking garage.

Description: CWRU student robbed at gunpoint. The suspect took the victim’s wallet, keys, and car, a black Audi G3, Indiana license plates #8CN824.

Suspect: Black male, 5’8”, black hoodie with cartoon characters, pink face mask.


Incident #2

Date: 12/21/21

Time of Incident: 9:05 PM

Crime: Armed Robbery

Location: Murray Hill, Mayfield Road at East 125th Street

Description: CWRU student was walking alone when approached by two suspects. Armed robbery of their wallet, cellphone, and car, a black Mercedes GLA250, Ohio license plates #JCG7850. The student was uninjured.

Suspect: Two suspects, Black males, 20s, one suspect was approx. 5’11”, the second wore black jeans, a blue hoodie, dreadlocks, and was approx. 5’10”.


Incident #3

Date: 12/26/2021

Time of Incident: 11:23 PM

Crime: Armed Robbery

Location: Random Road and East 120th Street

Description: The victim was robbed at gunpoint (not a CWRU student) of their black Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ohio license plates #HGX7005. The victim was uninjured, the suspect fled in the car, eastbound towards Mayfield Road.

Suspect: Black male, approx. 15 to 16 years of age, 5’4”, black jacket, and carried a black gun.


Incident #4

Date: 12/27/2021

Time of Incident: 10:28 PM

Crime: Armed Robbery, shooting.

Location: 2043 Random Road

Description: CWRU grad student was shot in the leg by the suspect during an armed robbery. The victim’s 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, Ohio license plates #HTS5672 was stolen. The victim went to the hospital and is in stable condition, now recovering.

Suspect: Approx. 12 to 15 years old black male wearing red clothing and 5’4”. (CWRU Facebook post, 12/27/2021, 10:28 PM)


During and prior to these four incidents, CWRU kept students informed via a security alert system and Rave Mobile Safety in the form of automatic text, phone, and email alerts. These security alerts were sent to students for all four incidents, the same day each incident occurred.

Community members can go to the Cleveland University Circle Police Department (UCPD) website to sign up for local alerts and news as well as the free Tip UCPD app to make reports, tips, or request assistance with the UCPD.

Information was later shared on CWRU’s Facebook (@casewesternreserve) and Twitter (@CWRU) pages about the 4th incident, but no posts about the previous three incidents, two involving CWRU students, can be found on CWRU’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

As stated on CRWU’s Public Safety Website:   If you have any information on this crime, please call 216.368.3333 as soon as possible. If you would like to leave an anonymous tip, please call 216.368.3331

To the Little Italy and CWRU community:

It has been advised to remain aware of your surroundings, go out after dark only as necessary, and travel in pairs or small groups.



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