Cleveland News Wire — Week of Sept. 27, 2021

Cleveland Documenters Public Meetings Report

Here’s what happened last week in local public government meetings covered by Cleveland Documenters:

Cleveland Public Meetings Report – The week of September 27, 2021

Board focuses on projects on Clinton Ave. and Fulton Road

Monday, Sept. 27, 2021

Board of Zoning Appeals

Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals 

Covered by Documenter Tina Scott and Emily Anderson

Several private resident owners were granted permission to build structures on their properties and several plans for new buildings were approved. An apartment complex planned for 2260 Freeway/W.14th Street was granted variance to be zoned as residential, but there will be further debate on its possible use as short-term AirB&Bs, which the neighborhood development committee doesn’t approve of.  Find the full notes here.

Board approves several contracts, including services for children traumatized by violent crime

Monday, Sept. 27, 2021

Board of Control

Cuyahoga County Board of Control

Covered by Documenter Alicia Moreland

The county will enter a $105,000 contract with Mental Health Services for Homeless, Inc. to provide services for children traumatized by violent crime. This contract was requested after a recent uptick in violent crime, likely due to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a program representative said. The board also approved an emergency purchase request to replace $300,000 of IT equipment.  Find the full notes here.

Members discuss vaccine policies, welcome new hires; Shaker Line update nearly complete

Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021

Board of Trustees

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

Covered by Documenters Emily Anderson and Laylah Allen

A resident called in to voice their appreciation for the vaccine bus, a mobile vaccine clinic RTA designed in cooperation with the city. The RTA general manager reported that a survey to confirm how many RTA employees have been vaccinated will be completed in early October. The general manager reported that the construction of the light rail running from Buckeye-Woodhill to Shaker Square stations will be completed on-time and the line will reopen October 2. Several September hires were announced, including new operators. Find the full notes here.

Board grants several appellants extra time to correct building standard violations

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021

Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals

Cleveland Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals

Covered by Documenters Marvetta Rutherford and Daniel McCarthy

The board approved extensions for homeowners who requested more time to fix code violations. The owner of a Lake Avenue apartment building wanted more time to fix code violations in an apartment unit where an eviction is pending. Another homeowner asked for more time to fix violations and will need to knock down a garage. Board members made suggestions for demolition contractors and approved the extension. “You’re on your way,” a board member told the homeowner.  Find the full notes here.

Citizens and council members discuss Issue 24, the Community Police Commission and Police Oversight Initiative

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021

Safety Committee

Cleveland City Council

Covered by Documenters Helen Rucinski and Laylah Allen

Emergency Ordinances 652-2021 and 660-2021, which increase resources for the Division of Fire, were passed without discussion. A lengthy and heated discussion about Issue 24 took place. Issue 24 is a proposed city charter amendment on the November 2021 ballot, which would increase civilian oversight of the police. Both proponents and opponents expressed their views on the amendment. Chairperson Blaine Griffin continued to remind speakers that this was a “fact-finding mission” meant to educate the council and the public about Issue 24 in order to deescalate  rising tensions. Find the full notes here.

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