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Cleveland Asian Festival a Huge Success


Photo by Mark Silverberg

By Ron Calhoun

Photo by Yugan Sakthi

The event was well planned and very well attended after a two year in-person hiatus. The Cleveland Asian Festival has become a early summer highlight for Clevelanders. Well over 5000 people enjoyed socializing with good food and lots of fun activities. Cleveland weather is know for changing every day, but for the festival it was a perfect sunny 85 degrees day.

Lisa DeBolt, who moved to Cleveland 6 years ago, attended with her daughter. She attends the festival every year. “The Asiatown Festival offers a lot because of the coming together of the various cultures. I am always curious to learn something new every day and there is so much to learn about art, history and food which are often overlooked.”

Although masks were recommended, many did not wear them. More than 100 vendors and exhibits lined Payne Ave at East 30th Street, and in the Asia Plaza parking lot, with long lines to purchase food. Inside the Asia Plaza the restaurant lines were just as long, and had a San Francisco  atmosphere as attendees walked through observing and purchasing merchandise.

Mirica Woodley, 14 said “the Asian Festival is such a great way to explore all the cultures and become more knowledgeable of all the Asian cultures. Exposure to the cultures is so impactful as part of the learning process. Meeting and introducing people to the various cultures is such an amazing experience! It’s more than just the food!”

Mirica Woodley, 14 Photo by Yugan Sakthi

The Cleveland Asian Festival is an all volunteer run festival to highlight Cleveland’s Asiatown neighborhood while celebrating Asian culture and diversity in the city of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Free Admission, Free Parking, Free Tours of AsiaTown, Free Performances and demonstrations on two outdoor stages.

Free health screenings at the Health Pavilion in Asia Plaza, free guided tours of Cleveland’s Asiatown, free games, “Sumo” Wrestling, dance and eating contests!

It was a great way to start the summer!