Book Review: Becoming A Kept Man

By Trish Johnson

“ ‘She’s a kept woman’ is what they’d whisper. In male-dominant societies of the past, females who looked to men for financial support or gifts in exchange for sex and/or their companionship were said to be ‘kept’. These days they’re referred to as ‘side pieces’ or perhaps ‘sugar babies’.”

So begins “Becoming A Kept Man: My Journey and Yours,” a book by Melvin Mason (©2019, Twigg Productions Publishing).

Indeed, that is exactly what the title and photo imply upon first glance of the book’s cover—an attractive, well-dressed male, looking like someone being kept by a “cougar” to serve as an escort to fancy parties, vacations, and yes, for sex.  This, however, is not the case in this inspirational book, which is instead a very personal testimony of the spiritual journey of the author.

In the opening chapters, Nobody Wants Me and A Shaky Foundation, Mason’s story begins with his parents and childhood, explaining how his mother felt unloved growing up and therefore was not very physically affectionate with her children. Mason, however, was blessed with knowing that his mother did in fact love him, but that she just expressed it in her own way. His father, whom Mason describes as unkind and abusive, died when he was around 9 years old.  He attributes his father’s absence as the reason behind his struggles to learn the ways of becoming a man: e.g. boyhood grooming habits, how to fight back when harassed by the neighborhood bullies, and exuding self-confidence, including how to talk to girls.

With brutal honesty, and sometimes laugh-out-loud humor, the author takes us along on his journey from one unsuccessful relationship to another, from his increasing self-doubt and feeling truly unlovable to the discovery of his various gifts such as music and writing—all while eagerly searching for his soul mate and true purpose.

Mason never losses sight of the fact that his path must first and foremost always include a solid relationship with God. In the chapter The Revelations of 2010, he shares how he was blessed to find himself in a life-changing conversation with some of his Christian brothers that yielded an eye-opening discovery. Reflecting on this conversation, he eventually realized what it means to become a kept person.

In the final chapters, the author brings us up-to-date on where his life is now, having embraced his “work in progress” status. He also shares a wealth of useful resources including scriptures, other books, and online assistance for discovering your life’s purpose.

“Becoming a Kept Man” is a wonderful way to start your new year off right, with positive spiritual food and useful tools for purposeful living.

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