Reaction From the Derek Chauvin Trial

The Cleveland Observer stands with the Floyd family as well as people all across the world not to celebrate a verdict, but to begin the healing process. Like all of you, we followed the trial with bated breath. For too long, we have seen violence against Black and Brown bodies by law enforcement go unpunished. For too long, we witnessed human lives transform into names trending on social media. For too long, we watched the police act with impunity. Today, we feel as if we can take a collective sigh of relief. George Floyd was not just another statistic on police violence. He was a human being. His life mattered. Today, the court’s decision reflected the value of his life.

 With that being said, we recognize that our work is only beginning. We stand strong in solidarity with all of whom never received justice. Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Michael Brown, Breyonna Taylor, Cleveland’s own Tamir Rice, and countless other people and families that never even got a trial, let alone justice. The Cleveland Observer is committed to build off this monumental case both as a local newspaper/media source and as a nation to create a more equal and just society. 

What we saw today is reassurance. We can make a difference. We can stand up for what is right. Although our fight ahead is long and arduous, we can take solace in this victory and continue to march on.


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