Economic Security Project Helps Older Adults in Need

By Devon Jones       

As a part of a collaboration between The Cleveland Observer, the Phe’Be Foundation and the Cleveland Department of Aging, this article will briefly discuss resources and programs available to seniors living in Cleveland. In 2009, the National Council on Aging (NCAO) launched the Economic Security Initiative to help address some of the hardships older adults were facing. The City of Cleveland was one of eight sites selected to participate in the national pilot with a program called “the Economic Security Project.” This program is a partnership between various agencies or organizations such as The Phe’be Foundation, which provides services to older adults in the community.

The focus of the project is a Holistic Approach to helping older adults become financially stable. Core services offered through the program include, but are not limited to: emergency assistance with housing, food, utilities, employment assistance including skills assessment; training and job placement; financial counseling including daily money management; debt reduction, credit counseling, and financial literacy. 

These services are key to addressing some of the challenges older adults aging in the community may face. With financial stability being a concern for many Americans, this program offers a place for older adults to learn best practices and cost effective tips for the future. The Phe’be Foundation and the Cleveland Department of Aging are just two of the 14 participating organizations. If you or a loved one needs more information, please go to the Cleveland Department of Aging’s website or call Shani Stokes at 216-664-6130.