Y.O.U.’s Young Adult Opportunities Program Seeks Participants

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Are you 18 to 24 years old? Looking for a career?
Y.O.U.’s Young Adult Opportunities Program gives you the training and support you need to find your next job…at no cost to you. Start your tomorrow TODAY. Visit or call 216-973-0037.
To learn more about what is possible when you work with Y.O.U., read Janelle’s story here.
Janelle first heard about Y.O.U. through the summer jobs program where she worked at Thurgood Marshall Recreation Center as a teen. She then enrolled in the E CITY and Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates (JOG) programs at Glenville High School.
Fast forward to the summer after her high school graduation, Janelle didn’t have a plan. With a toddler at home and another baby on the way, she wasn’t sure where to go next. Janelle met Y.O.U.’s recruitment specialist, Artemus, who told her about the Customer Care Credential Training Program. It seemed a good fit.
That fall, Janelle enrolled in the six-week customer care program. “It was the BEST class. It was small. Everyone was super warm and friendly. We bonded right away. Trainers Marissa and Joe were so helpful,” she says. Janelle admits it wasn’t easy. Being pregnant and having to dress professionally while getting to class by 8:30 each morning taught her self-control and how real life works. Janelle recounted, “You have to make personal choices, some of which can be hard or inconvenient.”
After earning her credentials in October 2019, Janelle took part in the four-week work experience program at Coco’s Chalky Paint retail store. After her rich credential experience, Janelle was hired as a fax representative at Cardinal Health in December. Her commute would be a 45-minute Lyft ride each way. On Christmas Eve, Janelle had her daughter, Braelyn. After her 11-week paid maternity leave, she thought she would have to quit her job. Her plans to get her driver’s license and buy a car during the leave didn’t happen. Her employment specialist, Denneth, helped Janelle secure a letter from her doctor saying she could return to work and negotiated with Cardinal Health to keep the job. Then COVID-19 hit, allowing Janelle to work from home. She appreciates being allowed to work from home, helping people, and staying active on the computer.
“Don’t get me wrong. It has not been easy. As a teen mom, I have encountered many trials, but I know I’m on the right path for my family’s future.”
“We at Y.O.U. believe in Janelle as much as she believes in herself.”