3 Ways to Manage Life During a Pandemic

Remain connected, but take breaks if necessary. There are more ways now than in previous times to remain connected to others, from social media apps to texts, to calls, to emails, to video chats. Due to the need for physical distancing (aka social distancing), it is essential to remind yourself that it is OK if you need time to disconnect.

During this time, everyone is yearning and attempting to be more connected to others. Remember to take short breaks from the news, social media, and other outlets because it may be important for your mental health. Taking a break will give you a moment to decompress from all the information you are receiving daily, even from your siblings and friends.

Embracing your emotions and feeling anxious is OK. We have entered into uncharted territory and things are changing daily. It’s even OK if you have a lot of time, and you are NOT completing a task on your to-do list, or writing that book, or starting that new business. It’s OK if you are experiencing different emotions and are unsure of how to manage them. It is OK if you feel fearful of your own and/or your family/friend’s future and current health. If you need to speak with someone, there are several options for accessing services, including 1.) Searching for a counselor on www.psychologytoday.com or www.exodusplanner.com  OR 2.) Asking your insurance company to send a list of approved providers.

Create a schedule. This may be difficult if you have children, or a continuously changing work schedule. Attempting to create a partial daily or weekly schedule may even assist with increasing motivation and normalcy in your life. It may be more important to focus on just completing the task(s); you can still complete the task(s) even if you are unable to meet exact time frames.


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