GOP Attempts to Blur Lines Between Insurrection and White Supremacy

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By D.L. Patterson

On January 6, 2021, we experienced our first attempt at insurrection since the War of 1812, when Trump supporters attempted to overthrow the Presidential election which had been certified multiple times on both the state and federal levels.

There were numerous reports of rioter attempts to abduct and possibly harm several Congressional leaders and Senators, as well as disturbing allegations of a plot to lynch the nation’s Vice President, Mike Pence. Trump’s anemic attempts to distance himself from the chaos wrought by his fanatical minions was met with calls to charge Trump with inciting homicide in the same manner as Charles Manson for orchestrating the murders of actress Sharon Tate, husband and wife Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, and others in the horrific California slayings in the summer of 1969.

The idea that House and Senate Trumpublicans would persist in continuing the assault on the floor of the House mere hours after this deadly siege was unconscionable. Not only did they resume the indefensible election fraud claims of Trump, but they also continued to compare this seditious act with the so-called BLM/Antifa riots this past summer, some even going as far as to blame BLM for the madness saying they impersonated Trump supporters. It’s difficult to imagine this nation returning to even a modicum of sanity any time soon given the majority of the GOP’s unwavering devotion to Trump’s four-year grift, but we will certainly try. As much as these “stop the steal” fanatics have devoted themselves to loathing the Democrats, I would probably be a very wealthy man if I bet not even one half of one percent of the 74 million that voted for Trump would return the $1400 stimulus check that will be forwarded to the American people under the Biden/Harris Administration’s plan to supplement the recently awarded $600.

Those Trump supporters, who appear to be loyal to the death, refuse to accept the fact that no down-ballot Republican who won their seat on the same ballot where Trump lost are contesting their own victory even though they and Trump’s defeat are on the same paper ballot! None of the “Don the Con” cult members will acknowledge that closing voting locations and eliminating ballot boxes in black communities, having postal service slowed to a crawl via Trump’s appointed henchman Dejoy’s removal of USPS sorting machines were initiatives calculated by the GOP to taint the election. Moreover, Trump and his lawyers have had dozens of unsuccessful opportunities to present their cases for election fraud in all of the swing states and federal courts, many times having the advantage of being heard in front of judges appointed by 45.

A poignant fact 45’s tenure should impress upon us is that although we fought against Nazi forces in World War II, Germany doesn’t allow for the raising of Nazi flags anywhere in that country given their remorse for the six million Jewish people exterminated by Hitler and his Third Reich  Yet the United States of America still allows the Confederate flag to be displayed, despite the deaths of considerably more than six million blacks during the course of slavery, and the supposed defeat of Confederates nearly two centuries ago.

The reality is that the Confederacy was never actually defeated in America.  Like the Proud Boys, it was in many respects told to “stand back and stand by.” I applaud Germany for being the antithesis of the United States as it relates to moral character in this regard. America’s perpetual hypocrisy when it comes to addressing the horrors it has allowed, and the inequities it continues to support relative to black people zealously ignores both the blood of the martyrs and the echo of their cries for justice and equality.


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