MAGNET Will Move to Hough in 2022

MAGNET, an organization focused on growing advanced manufacturing and a future manufacturing workforce, will move its headquarters into the vacant Margaret Ireland school building located on East 63rd Street in the heart of MidTown. MAGNET is a key part of the Cleveland Innovation Project’s strategy to focus on Manufacturing 4.0, and its new location will provide a highly visible front door to showcase economic opportunities in manufacturing. This marks a giant first step in advancing the vision for an inclusive innovation district in MidTown, which leverages the power of our anchor institutions through radical collaboration.

Characteristic of MidTown’s community development projects, MAGNET plans to invest in the building and community with a focus on LEED certification, meaningful building upgrades, greenspace renewal, a 21st century connected children’s park and basketball court, and community-use event space. If interested in giving feedback to the new project, look for ways to be more involved in the Spring of 2021.