Biden Wins, But a Re-Animated Confederacy is Alive and Well

By D. L. Patterson

Congratulations are in order for President-Elect Joe Biden and the first woman Vice President of the U.S. Kamala Harris in what was a much closer election than many Americans envisioned at the onset.

However, let us not gloss over the fact that former President Donald Trump garnered over 70 million votes despite a woefully inadequate response to the deadly coronavirus, which has now claimed a quarter of a million lives, initially referring to it as a “hoax” perpetrated by Democrats.

Trump also routinely fueled racial tensions in America and said Colin Kaepernick was an “SOB” that should be fired for kneeling during the national anthem, an act he deemed “unpatriotic.”

He approved the caging of immigrant children, and his camp claimed that the reason many of the over 500 children failed to be reunited with their parents was that their parents no longer wanted them.

He called BLM and Antifa (an ideology not an organization) terrorists when several investigations showed that white supremacists initiated much of the violence, looting, and property damage that BLM was being accused of.

Trump also protected many of the statues and monuments of Confederate slaveholders and white supremacists, while allowing police and military personnel to bludgeon, tear-gas, and shoot not only black people protesting disproportionate state-sanctioned violence against blacks but white (“ni**er lover”) protestors who dared sympathize and align themselves with them.

This blind, cultish allegiance to a man who lies as frequently as  he speaks, showed a somewhat naïve America what most black people to varying degrees already knew; America has always been attached to its money and white supremacy, far more than it has ever desired to acquiesce to the ideals of liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Mind you, it’s not that there aren’t those in the white community that desire a nation where justice and fair play exist;  it’s just that most of those that champion the cause of equality are not often allowed to promulgate their beliefs in the halls of power.  The status quo in this country has always been about the furtherance of capitalism and how to utilize blacks to achieve their goals while giving nothing, or almost nothing, in exchange. The prime directive has changed little, if any, over the centuries-only the methodologies to achieve the goals have been modified as needed.

The question is if the Biden/Harris ticket will be able (or willing) to do anything different than its Democratic predecessors who have done virtually nothing to promote and advance the educational, employment, and business needs of the black community in a way that meaningfully shrinks the enormous wealth gap between blacks and whites. Whereas money is not the end all be all, numerous studies have clearly shown that erasing educational, employment, and business barriers raise the standard of living which significantly reduces crime, housing disparities, infant mortality, poverty, hunger, and a host of other malignancies common to black communities.     This perpetual fiscal deficit cannot realistically be viewed as anything but purposeful given that neither political party has, in any real way, worked to mitigate its enormity throughout the course of American history.

The Black electorate was to a large degree responsible for bringing the victory home for the Biden/Harris ticket, particularly the black voting enclaves in the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia areas of Pennsylvania, the Detroit area of Michigan, as well as Atlanta and the surrounding areas of the State of Georgia.  President-elect Biden and Vice President Harris should be forever mindful that they owe it to us to address our needs so that we can truly move towards equality and solvency in the United States of America.  We’re not just owed this because we were the catalyst to their victory, we are owed and entitled to this because of the many centuries our rights have been ignored and even spat upon by this country, and for the numerous decades, we have been purposefully viewed as an insignificant afterthought by both factions of America’s political machine.