AI-Driven Cancer Diagnostic Radically Improves Care and Drastically Reduces Cost


Lutheran East 1972 Graduate Guy Fish, MD MBA Pioneered AI and Prostate diagnosis five years ago.

By Dr. Guy Fish, MD

Here’s a paradox in four steps:

1.) Most men will develop prostate cancer if they live long enough

2.) 80% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer will have what is termed low to indeterminant grade disease (Gleason 6 and 7)

3.) Only 20% of those men will go on to have a disease that turns out to be aggressive, but

4.) We actually currently treat 80% of these men with a surgery that will leave many men impotent, incontinent, or both. Why?

The answer is that current diagnostics cannot distinguish indolent from aggressive disease. Look at the data yourself. Genomic and proteomic assays have exquisite sensitivity above 98%; but overall performance in telling you who needs treatment is below 75%.

This means that their specificity (is it aggressive or not?) is at best 50/50 odds. That is because they are looking very far “upstream”, and not downstream of all the post transcriptional and translational modifications, and competing pathways, to understand the actual biology in an individual patient.

Introducing breaks with traditional ‘omics to bring you truly personalized medicine that can, with 94% specificity, tell you which tumors can be managed with active surveillance, and which need interventions now.

We do this by examining fresh, live tumor cells, observing their behavior, and using AI to predict which individuals have disease needing treatment.

Our system is peer reviewed in nature, has several families of patents, and will be commercial in 2021 with an influx of capital into our Series B financing. We will project $1.5 – 2B in annual revenues at full implementation, while saving the health care system $8 – 12M annually in direct costs. ROI should be roughly 15x in 4 – 5 years.

Prostate Cancer Test and Pipeline


For more information:

CEO: Guy L. Fish, MD MBA – 617.821.8503

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