Let’s Design an Anti-Racist Street

Residents in Downtown, Hough, Central, MidTown, AsiaTown, St Clair-Superior, and Glenville are discussing ideas for safer street designs to connect our communities, while being honest about Cleveland’s racial segregation and inequity. We want to pop-up and test a safer design with the City on at least one street that crosses I-90 by October. We’ve scheduled a public Zoom meeting for residents on Sept. 3 at 6pm.


In this public Zoom meeting, we’ll meet each other, share ideas and data, and form action groups. If you can’t attend, please complete our survey!

More detail:

Let’s design an anti-racist street that connects Cleveland’s Downtown and east side neighborhoods through short-term, pop-up interventions and long-term visioning. Anti-racism asks us to identify and eliminate racism by changing the systems that perpetuate it. This project calls for a change to our street infrastructure that currently divides us rather than connects us.

Together we envision a street that:

  • Counteracts Cleveland’s racial segregation  to better connect our communities
  • Makes it safer to walk, bike, scoot, roll, or drive
  • Intentionally protects Black and non-Black people of color’s lives and reduces injuries, Coronavirus spread, and police encounters
  • Is kid-friendly and family-friendly
  • Is beautiful and welcoming
  • Is accessible to those who are differently abled, physically and mentally
  • Generates and redistributes wealth into neighborhoods that have endured years of disinvestment

Why Now?

  • Addressing the racism embedded in our street designs is overdue.
  • Cleveland has declared racism a public health crisis and must take action, large and small.
  • The Coronavirus has made wide, empty roadways and narrow sidewalks more obvious and more dangerous.
How Do I Participate?

What’s the Timeline?

  • The Sept. 3 meeting will help us form action groups and identify an initial street segment.
  • We’d like to pop-up and test at least one street idea by October 2020.
  • We’d like to plan additional ideas and implementations for Spring 2021.

Who is Involved?

  • This is a resident-led effort, with residents from Downtown, Hough, Central, MidTown, AsiaTown, St Clair-Superior, and Glenville. Based on survey responses, more than 50% of those involved are people of color. We have white individuals involved who are committed to supporting Black individuals who want to take on leadership roles.
  • Professional staff from Cleveland City Planning Commission, Campus District Inc., Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation / Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation, MidTown Inc., Famicos Foundation, Bike Cleveland, and Ingenuity Cleveland have also been assisting this effort.

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