Politics: Who’s Running, What are the Issues?

President/Vice President:

At the top of the ticket is the U.S. presidential race between former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic  and incumbent President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate. Trump’s running mate remains Vice President Mike Pence.

Joe Biden’s running mate is Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), who would be the first African American, and only the third woman, nominated as vice president. Harris herself ran for president last year, before dropping out and endorsing Biden.

For independent candidates for president and vice president:

Jo Jorgensen –Libertarian Party, with running mate Spike Cohen.

Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker will also appear on the ballot as independent candidates.

Rapper Kanye West did not qualify as a presidential candidate in Ohio, due to problems with his nominating petition, although he will appear on the ballot in several other states.

U.S. House

All 16 of Ohio’s congressional seats are also up for grabs in 2020.

Currently the delegation is occupied by 12 Republicans and four Democrats, and although Ohio’s legislature approved a plan to redraw the Congressional map, that won’t impact any election until 2022.

1st District

Republican Steve Chabot (incumbent)

Democrat Kate Schroder

Libertarian Kevin Kahn 

2nd District                                         

Republican Brad Wenstrup (incumbent)

Democrat Jaime Castle

3rd District

Democrat Joyce Beatty (incumbent) Columbus

Republican Mark Richardson

OH 16 can be flipped.

4th District

Republican Jim Jordan (incumbent)

Democrat Shannon Freshour

5th District

Republican Bob Latta (incumbent)

Democrat Nick Rubando

Libertarian Steven Perkins

6th District

Republican Bill Johnson (incumbent)

Democrat Shawna Roberts

7th District

Republican Bob Gibbs (incumbent)

Democrat Quentin Potter

Libertarian Brandon Lape

8th District

Republican Warren Davidson (incumbent)

Democrat Vanessa Enoch

9th District Cleveland, Lorain, Sandusky, and Toledo

Democrat Marcy Kaptur (incumbent)

Republican Rob Weber

10th District

Republican Michael Turner (incumbent)

Democrat Desiree Tims

11th District Cleveland

Democrat Marcia Fudge (incumbent)

Republican Laverne Gore

12th District 

Republican Troy Balderson (incumbent)

Democrat Alaina Shearer

Libertarian John Stewart

13th District

List top 10!


Democrat Tim Ryan (incumbent) Akron, Youngstown

Republican Christina Hagan

Libertarian Michael Fricke

14th District

Republican David Joyce (incumbent)

Democrat Hillary O’Connor Mueri

15th District

Republican Steve Stivers (incumbent)

Democrat Joel Newby

16th District (could swing)

Republican Anthony Gonzalez (incumbent)

Democrat Aaron Godfrey

Ohio Supreme Court

There won’t be many statewide votes this fall, with the exception of two Ohio Supreme Court seats.

Republicans Judith French and Sharon Kennedy are both seeking re-election to another six-year term on the state’s highest court. Currently, five of the court’s seven judges are Republicans.

French faces a Democratic challenger in Jennifer Bruner, a former Ohio Secretary of State and current judge on Ohio’s 10th District Court of Appeals.

Kennedy will face Democrat John P. O’Donnell, currently a judge on the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

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