Bestselling Author Releases Book Aimed at Providing Guidance to Young Boys


(CLEVELAND, OH, July 15, 2021) – The media stereotypes Black boys as dangerous, lacking discipline and etiquette. But in fact, they are descendants of kings and queens and should feel proud of where they came from and where they’re going. To help make navigating from one world to another—like boyhood to manhood—less disorienting, James B. Wingo, M.Ed. has released The Manners Playbook: Essential Lessons for Young African-American Boys on Self-Awareness, Confidence and Etiquette.

In The Manners Playbook, bestselling author and counselor, James B. Wingo, M.Ed., serves as a mentor as he guides and educates young boys by doling out sage wisdom and accurate information. Through this practical and fun guide, young men — from those entering middle school to those entering college — will gain the insight needed to properly conduct themselves in an array of circumstances and environments.

“This book is for men and boys of all ages. This book is for fathers, to help them navigate this information for their sons or the young boys in their lives. Likewise, this is for the mother who needs information to talk to her son about the basics of manners for men. Often, mothers feel the need to talk to their sons. Now they have a book that can help in this process. All parents want to encourage their sons to be great and be accepted for who they are—Kings!” says Wingo.

Navigating from one world to another – like boyhood to manhood – can be disorienting and uncomfortable, but it does not have to be so uncomfortable though. In The Manners Playbook, Wingo has tips for all in this guide to living up to the person you are meant to be.  This book covers topics such as dinner etiquette, how to be neighborly, sportsmanship, social media etiquette, bullying and more.  So, if you or your young adult are worried about a first date, wondering how to handle a fight with friends, how to make a good first impression, which silverware to use and when, etc., then this book is a must read.  It is meant to be a resource that can be used by students, parents, educators, and mentors alike.   The book also comes with thoughtful and relevant discussion questions at the end to help bring the content to life. You can purchase your copy at: or follow him on Instagram at @global_ecs and his website


James B. Wingo, M. Ed. is the Founder and President of Global Educational Consulting Services (Global ECS) and has been working in the field of education for over 25 years in the cities of Cleveland, Atlanta, and New York. He once served as the licensed school counselor, tutor, and summer camp coordinator for the Boys’ Choir of Harlem.

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