Asian American Mystery Donor Gives Back to AsiaTown Senior Community

By Ray Hom

As the city of Cleveland has eased in-person restrictions from the pandemic, many communities are doing the same, and AsiaTown is no different. On June 10, a luncheon was hosted by a generous Asian American donor for the senior community at Bo Loong Chinese restaurant.

The complimentary Chinese banquet was sold out and provided an opportunity for the senior community to gather in person to see friends they have not seen since pre-pandemic days. It was a huge treat to witness seniors enjoying the amazing banquet.

This is not the first time the Asian American senior community has been invited to the popular Chinese banquet. An anonymous donor has invited the senior community in the past.  However, since the pandemic seniors have not been able to socialize or gather in public on a regular basis.

Community members hope more opportunities to gather in person will be available over the summer. Tai chi sessions, square dancing and weekly lunch gatherings have previously been available to the senior community. A volunteer grassroots effort is in progress to create a safe outdoor environment for such activities. Interested volunteers can email for more information on how to get engaged with this project.

Meanwhile, the identity of the mystery donor is still a mystery. The AsiaTown community is grateful and would like to thank the mystery donor for their generosity in this ongoing effort.

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