East Cleveland Bridges of H.O.P.E. Annual Teen Summit Kick Off

Lisa Kornspan, Program Manager ECBOH, Program Coordinator, NORA


East Cleveland Bridges of H.O.P.E Coalition

Hope Opportunity Prevention Empowerment

Drug Free Communities

Annual Teen Summit

October 9, 2021

12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Shaw High School

East Cleveland Bridges of H.O.P.E. (ECBOH) is excited to kick off their annual Teen Summit for the students in East Cleveland High School and Middle school, as well as parents and caregivers.  Last year’s Teen Summit was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

Who is the East Cleveland Bridges of H.O.P.E. Coalition (ECBOH)? ECBOH includes law enforcement, local government officials, healthcare and business representatives, youth serving organizations, the media, faith community members, parents, prevention and treatment providers, and youth and mental health authorities.

How does the ECBOH operate? ECBOH focuses on creating environmental changes in our community rather than individual changes in each community member.  This broad focus helps us enact change for the larger population and future generations.

For more information contact:

Lisa Kornspan, Program Manager ECBOH, Program Coordinator, Northern Ohio Recovery Association (NORA)



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