“Engagement, Training and Reporting in the Community”

Organizational Mission Statement:

“To empower and motivate communities in Cleveland, Ohio with a holistic approach. Providing critical information and resources in order to positively impact civic engagement for change.”


Founder by Ronald Calhoun April 15,2020

11459 Euclid Ave#302
Cleveland Ohio 44103
Voice: (216) 236-8081

Program Manager
Devon Jones

Daina Dortch
Kaylynn Key


Shana Black

Margaret Adams/Health

Melvin Mason/Entertainment

Ray Hom/AsiaTown

Kenny Johnson/Community

D. L. Patterson/Politics

Shawn Philpot/Business

Meryl Johnson/Education

Gennifer Harding-Gosnell/Government

Gregory Burnett/Feature

Lisa Rose-Rodriguez/Community

Denise Holcomb/Health

Jennifer Carter

Sheila Ferguson/Community

Carla Calhoun/Events-Social


The Cleveland Observer is a community based news monthly published  by The Calhoun Corporation LLC.

Organizational History:

The Cleveland Observer (TCO) is a community based news outlet created to bring trusted newsworthy content to the community. TCO started in 2018 as the Ward 7 Observer serving the neighborhoods of AsiaTown,Fairfax, Hough, Midtown, and St.Clair-Superior. In August 2020, TCO was launched in the midst of a pandemic and racial unrest and expanded to serve more communities in Cleveland, Ohio. With this expansion, TCO began to serve the neighborhoods of Central, Downtown, East Cleveland, Lee-Harvard, University Circle, Glenville,