About Us

“Engagement, Training and Reporting in the Community”

Organizational Mission Statement:

To empower and motivate communities in Cleveland, Ohio with a holistic approach. Providing critical information and resources in order to positively impact civic engagement for change.

Our your guiding values.

  • To provide continuity of Cleveland’s community resources focus around Health, Education, and Financial matters.
  • Engage and inform the community through collaborative programming, utilizing multimedia.
  • Ensure JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) efforts are compliant in Institutions, the Corporations and Government in the city of Cleveland with trusted reporting.

Who we server.

The Cleveland Observer lifts the voices of east side Metro Urban Clevelanders. In so doing TCO addresses the concerns of our underrepresented communities. Our solutions-oriented journalism fueled by local news and reporting on the truths relevant to the lives of the urban residents. The strength of TCO’s services rests in its appeal to diverse age, gender, race, ethnic, and socio-economic groupings. Included are the neighborhoods of:

  • AsiaTown 
  • Central 
  • Downtown 
  • E. Cleveland 
  • Fairfax
  • Glenville 
  • Hough 
  • Kinsman
  • Lee-Harvard 
  • MidTown Cleveland
  • St Clair-Superior
  • University Circle


  • Engaged and passionate volunteers
  • Community Engagement
  •  Experienced Professionals
  • Technology 
  • Networking


  • Financial Strategy
  • Infrastructure Funding 
  • Paid staff/manpower to meet the goals/aspirations of the organization
  • Ability to increase awareness and outreach to a community with digital and literacy challenges.
  • Mass Community Participation