7 Interesting Facts about Cleveland, Ohio

The city of Cleveland Ohio is a very beautiful and engaging community filled with life, art, and social activities that bring people together. It is well known for both sports and culture; a city filled with architecture and monuments that depict who we are as a community. A community that participates in fun gatherings as well as raising awareness and promoting what we believe is right. Today, we are a proud community that has historic ties that very few may know about. It is important that we know a bit more about our history, so here are seven interesting facts that occurred right here in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

  1. Superman originated in Cleveland, OH in 1933
  2. Cleveland was the first city to have an African American Mayor, Carl Stokes in 1967 along with Richard G. Hatcher who was also elected hours apart from Stokes
  3. “Cleveland” used to be spelled “Cleaveland” in 1796. “Cleveland” was founded in 1831 by Moses Cleaveland. The name was changed in 1796 when newspapers were not able to fit the whole name “Cleaveland” into the masthead
  4. Cleveland was the first city to use electricity in 1879. Although Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, Charles Bush was the first man to have electricity light up a city in 1879
  5. Cleveland opened the first indoor shopping mall in 1890
  6. The expression “Rock and Roll” was created in Cleveland, as well as the first rock concert in 1952
  7. Cleveland is the home of the first blood transfusion in 1905

These are brief facts of the history of Cleveland, but there are many more to learn and share within the community. It is important to know and acknowledge the occurrences within our city to praise our accomplishments as well as learn from past mistakes. Would you like to learn more about Cleveland?

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