Join CWRU Department of Population and Quantitative and Health Sciences and Community Partnership on Aging for our first Black Health Expo!

Local vendors will be on hand to provide information, and Dr. Randy Vince, Urologic Oncologist at UH will speak about minority men’s health and racial justice in medicine at 1:00PM.

Dr. Vince was born and raised in Baltimore. In several of his publications, he speaks openly of his journey from childhood into medicine. Early in life, Dr. Vince witnessed societal problems such as poverty, food insecurity, drugs, and violence, which he attributes to helping him see “both sides of the tracks.” After graduating from medical school with a class of predominately white students, Dr. Vince decided to pursue a specialty that historically lacks racial diversity. The combination of his life, educational, and medical experience has given him a first-hand view of the insufficient attention given to disparities in all aspects.

As a clinician-researcher, he has done his best to combat the lack of conversation by publishing several papers on elements of racism in medicine. His most recent include a profile piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and an op-ed addressed to the American Urological Association, calling for the organization to reverse its history of ignoring the importance of diversity and develop initiatives that will result in lasting change.

At the patient level, he speaks regularly about the basics of cancer and its treatments to provide a working knowledge of conditions disproportionately affecting communities of color.

Vendor tabling options for the event are full, but all are welcome to attend! Light snacks will be provided courtesy of our for-profit vendors.